Support Priorities

All application support communications are logged into a support database. Acom Computer Systems and / or Open Universal Software logs all conversations, activities and fixes. Logs are prioritized and tracked by level of priority by Acom Computer Systems management. When needed additional resources are allocated to the support team to enable them to provide a timely response. Achieving defined support levels and service objectives is a major part of our commitment to quality customer service.

Consultants who report problems to Acom Computer Systems and / or Open Universal Software may contact the support desk at any time to receive a status update on previously reported problems.

Problems may be referred to us by contacting the support line by fax at +1 (514) 344-6046 or telephone at +1 (514) 344-6040 or  Emergency 24 hr support: +1 (514) 402-3812 or email at

By mail at:
3598 Blvd Poirier 
Montreal, Quebec H4R 2J5


Customer logs categories

High Priority

Problems assigned a high priority are likely to prevent a major part of Applications from functioning. Also included in this category are smaller problems affecting mission critical operations at the customer site. The support staff is expected to start responding to high priority problems within 1 hour. Program fixes are sent as soon as possible

Medium Priority

Problems assigned a medium priority are those that cause serious restrictions to using Applications or considerable inconvenience to the client. Medium priority problems are urgently investigated. A workaround solution may be communicated to the customer while a more permanent solution is being developed. Program fixes are sent as soon as possible, or may be included in the next release of the software as appropriate.

Low Priority

Problems assigned a low priority are those where the problems are limited to a small segment of software, or can be avoided with minimal inconvenience to the client. Low priority problems are recorded, corrected, and fixes are distributed in future releases of the software.


The majority of calls received are placed in this category. They involve procedural issues, or technical questions about the hardware, peripherals, communications, the operation and administration of the software. These logs are often resolved upon submission.