Your statements can only provide you so much detail. In order to continue your investigation you will eventually drilldown into the accounting transactions. You can select any figure on any statement and see a summary of its constituent transactions with the Source Summary Grid.

The Grid's columns separate the figures into departments and sub-departments, while its rows separate into operational sources such as GL and AP with detail down to invoices, manual checks and goods-received-without-invoice, and down even

Financial statements present an organization’s financial performance and current position. The information often raises questions, such as “Why is revenue down compared to last year or compared to budget?” and “Why is an expense up compared to the revenue or compared to budget?”

ClarityFS allows you to investigate the information presented. First, you can breakout summarized information on a statement by automatically viewing schedules which justify the summarized totals, moving back and forth at will.

further into reference and invoice numbers.

You can drill down still further and view the transactions themselves in the level of detail you want. You can see who posted what, when and why.

Similarly, you can do breakouts and drilldowns at the regional level, working your way to individual hotels and departments. Your financial statements become living documents, and you can use them to analyze your financial information and track it to its source.

Text Box: ClarityFS’s Benefits and Features

Turn your financial statements into living documents

With ClarityFS Your Presentations...

ClarityFS provides the relevant and clear financial information you need to make informed decisions to reach your business goals.

Easily migrate the existing statements over to your desktop

   The new ClarityFS Featuring Easy to Use    Excel Spread Sheets


Your presentations are secure and easy to distribute with email, with secure Web pages, on the desktop and on paper.

ClarityFS also offers facilities to easily archive and audit presentations using Microsoft Excel spread sheets.

You decide what information is relevant and how you want to present it.

· A basic knowledge of Excel is all that’s required.

· No outside technical expertise is needed.

You can analyze information and track it to its source.

· Breakout from consolidated presentations to detailed ones.

· Drilldown values to their constituent transactions.

You can easily tailor ClarityFS’s standard financial presentations to your needs.

· From outlet

· To department

· To hotel

· To country and region

· To corporate


Easily migrate the existing statements on your server to Excel on your desktop