Acom started operations in 1976 and has been solely dedicated to the development of back of house software solutions for hotels.

Our deep commitment to the hospitality industry has been augmented by substantial R&D, as well as numerous audits to evolve our software's design to meet your specific needs.

Today, our Acom Hospitality suite of back office software solutions is globally recognized as one of the most reliable, accurate and best supported solutions in the industry.

With over 2000 customers, in more than 50 countries, Acom is considered a household name in the hospitality market.


Acom Announces ClarityFS







ClarityFS is a new feature available to users of our Backoffice product with Release 14 available August 2007.

ClarityFS provides the relevant and clear financial information you need to make informed decisions to reach your business goals.

ClarityFS helps you analyze your financial information and easily track it to its source. ClarityFS lets you easily create financial statements, daily reports and working papers which are secure, easy to distribute, to archive and to audit.

Text Box: Acom announces
A Complete Financial Statement Makeover!

September 1, 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1

The Back Of The House

A publication of Acom Hospitality

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 Acom announces a complete financial statement makeover with ClarityFS

 Only basic Excel knowledge is needed.

 Analyze information and track it to its source

 Migrate existing server statements to ClarityFS

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