The Universal Menu Engineering Solution

Acom with affiliate GoldenB2B Hospitality FZ LLC now offers the Universal Menu Engineering Solution uniquely suited for your needs.

The Universal Menu Engineering Solution does more than exploding menu items to their ingredients and determining the potential cost of sales. It serves as an invaluable tool for food and beverage management in analyzing and evaluating menus and their performance.

  • The recipe subsystem allows detailed recipe and preparation information to be entered, produced as recipe cards, cataloged and costed based on the costs in The universal Inventory Solution.
  • Sales data may be automatically extracted from various types of point of sale systems, along with financial settlement information. The sales may be exploded back to the recipe ingredients.
  • Thorough analysis is available, including comparison of actual vs. potential costs, profitability of items, turnover rate of items, the Donald Smith and Michael Kasavana analysis (plowhorses, stars, puzzles and dogs), the Miller analysis (winners, marginals and losers), the Pavesic analysis (standard, sleeper and problem), and the Hayes analysis (above and below goal).



The Universal Menu Engineering Solution, used in conjunction with the MICROS system, produces Menu Analysis based on various formulas and generates requisitions, sales, transfers and production requests in the Inventory system in order to reflect the sales and decrease the physical inventory of all ingredients used.

The Universal Menu Engineering Solution can also be used by manually entering actual sales or sales forecast. This feature is useful when designing new menu lists.

The use of the Universal Menu Engineering Solution makes menu analysis a straight forward and easy task. Compare sales volumes to contribution margin; or sales volume to food cost percentage; or weighted contribution margin to food cost percentage simply by pressing a function key or a click of the mouse.

Here is a graphical representation of the three menu analysis matrices (Kasavana and Smith, Miller and Pavesic):

You have many tools available to determine a menus strengths and weaknesses, to maximize your profit and minimize your costs. The Universal Menu Engineering Solution is an integral part of this process, providing up-to-date and accurate information to ensure your analysis is relevant and accurate.