Support Level Responsibilities & Definitions

Acom Computer Systems and affiliates (Open Universal Software) are dedicated to providing quality support to all clients.

Support Services are divided into three areas of responsibility:
Level 1 - Installation, configuration, product administration, and communications.
Level 2 - Problem determination, duplication and communications.
Level 3 - Defect correction and communications.

All clients should sign up for Maintenance and Support. After the 90-day warranty period, support is not provided to clients who have not purchased Maintenance and Support.

All clients that purchased maintenance and support are entitled to 24 hour 7 days a week telephone support plus all product upgrades (fixes, improvements). Upgrades cannot be purchased separately.

Problems may be referred to us by contacting the support line by fax at +1 (514) 344-6046 or telephone at +1 (514) 344-6040 or  Emergency 24 hr support: +1 (514) 402-3812 or email at

By mail at:
3598 Blvd Poirier 
Montreal, Quebec H4R 2J5


Level 1 Support

Qualified installation and support specialists that are fully conversant with the applications and operation provide first level support for our products. In certain cases, we may elect to have a certified consultant provide Level 1 support. First level support persons are trained and certified by Acom Computer Systems, or by Open Universal Software.

Acom Computer Systems communicates and coordinates activities directly with the consultant. End users should contact Acom Computer Systems directly. Acom Computer Systems will contact the end user directly where necessary or appropriate.

Level I support duties include:

• Providing all communications with the end user.
• Installation and configuration of the Open/36 solution.
• Testing and ensuring the system and all software perform properly after installation.
• Ensuring that migration tasks are completed successfully.
• Distributing upgrades, new releases, and documentation.
• Reviewing documentation with the customer.
• Instructing the customer, or installing upgrades when they become available.
• Providing telephone and modem support for the clients.
• Communicating any program fixes from Level 2 and Level 3 support organizations.

Level 2 Support

Level 2 support services are provided by in house specialists or certified consultants.

Level 2 support duties includes:

• Communicating with Level 1 and Level 3 support organizations.
• Helping Level I support organizations resolve problems.
• Providing electronic support to the Level 1 support organizations and clients who have not elected to install and configure modems on their hosts.
• Checking for application program bugs.
• Checking for errors caused by the operating system configuration.
• Checking problem lists and informing the customer of any alternative solutions.
• Investigating any performance problems caused by Open/36.
• Working with Level 1 support to isolate client problems.
• Communicating verified problems to Level 3 support.
• Assisting Level 3 support with problem resolutions activities.
• Communicating Level 3 program fixes to Level 1 organizations.
• Making temporary fixes to client problems where qualified.
• Distributing upgrades, new releases and documentation.
• Suggesting new functionality for applications and Open/36.

Level 3 Support

Acom Computer Systems and / or Open Universal Software engineers provide level 3 support services.

Open/36 support specialists are highly experienced Open/36 and UNIX professionals. If they cannot resolve a problem, they have access to the development team, who work with them to resolve the issue. If the problem is particularly difficult to isolate, the development team may contact Level 1 and Level 2 support organizations or the customer. When appropriate, Level 3 staff will dial into the customer's machine to observe and resolve the problem.

Level 3 support duties include:

• Communicating with customer support to learn of new problems.
• Helping customer support resolve customer problems.
• Helping support consultants resolve customer problems.
• Providing electronic support to clients.
• Correcting defects where the applications behave differently than documented.
• Correcting defects where Open/36 behaves differently than documented
• Providing releases notes and other documentation on applications and Open/36.