The Universal Fixed Assets Solution

The Universal Fixed Assets Solution accurately tracks all your fixed assets. It calculates depreciation using a variety of formulas. It is tightly integrated with both Accounts Payable and General Ledger.

Keeping track of your fixed assets becomes straight forward with the use of the Fixed Asset Solution. You save time and can focus your efforts on your business.

Key Benefits:

  • Improve the overall handling of your fixed assets.
  • Improve management of fixed asset maintenance
  • See an immediate overview of your fixed assets
  • Select applicable depreciation formula
  • Categorize (group) your assets according to your needs
  • More than 300 user defined parameters make the system flexible to handle all needs irrespective of location.
  • Interface to Microsoft Office products


Simple Solutions

With the Fixed Asset Solution, you no longer have to spend great amounts of time, money and effort organizing, managing and accounting for your company’s fixed assets. You save time and can focus your efforts on your business.

With Fixed Asset Solution, you always know the current status on all your fixed assets. That’s because Fixed Assets gives you a real-time, accurate overview of all your fixed assets. You always know your book value and your accumulated depreciation. What’s more, integration to A/P and G/L means that you can easily reconcile your fixed assets to your general ledger.

Integration of fixed assets with other applications, such as General Ledger and Accounts Payable, reduces the risk of human error because you don’t have to enter data in several different application areas.

You can track your fixed assets, based on a number of criteria, specified by you. For example, you can track an asset by location. This makes it easier for your auditor to verify your fixed assets. Fixed Assets can be categorized in a variety of ways within a location allowing you to be as detailed as required. Through the use of Groups, and Classes the Fixed Asset Solution makes your reporting and analysis easier and relevant.

Managing and maintaining your fixed assets doesn’t have to cost you more time, money and effort than necessary. With Fixed Assets, when you purchase, depreciate or sell a fixed asset, the relevant application areas in your Acom solutions are updated in just one posting.

It’s also easy to make different reports for different purposes. You can post fixed asset transactions and generate various reports and statistics. You save time, money and effort.

Most fixed assets depreciate in value from the day purchased. But it is often difficult to know by how much. Fixed Asset Solution gives you an overview of the accumulated depreciation on your fixed assets.

That’s because the Fixed Asset Solution functionality gives you several standard depreciation methods, which are user-defined. You choose the method and the frequency according to your needs. The decision is yours.