The Universal Receivable Solution is a powerful tool for hospitality operation which effectively helps control client, guest, and member accounts. It enables the operation to track and maintain accounts on a real time basis with as much detail as required.


Flexible billing. Users may use the system to produce detailed invoices or simple statements, or a combination of both.

  • If the invoicing feature is used for some accounts then the statement system can be useful to produce statements summarizing the invoices and sent to clients as a reminder.
  • Integrated deposit management, with straightforward, user-friendly assignment of deposits to invoices.
  • Option to 'retrieve' and adjust already-issued invoices, with changes automatically tracked to controlled clearance accounts.
  • Full control on invoice printing, including the ability to clearly label duplicate invoices or retrieved invoices.
  • An invoice 'proof' is supported and can be printed before the final invoice run, with invoice proofs clearly labelled as such.
  • Multiple open invoices per customer can be allowed if desired.
  • Invoices have full VAT support, including support for multiple VAT rates, and an option to identify exempt customers.
  • Flexible payment posting, including allocation of payments to specific charges or across the oldest outstanding charges
  • Optional, configurable write-offs for small amounts such as caused by exchange variation.
  • Ability to transfer all or part of any charge between accounts, with full audit ability.
  • Support for Travel Agency customers, including deduction of commissions owed on invoices and a reflection of this on invoice journals.
  • Statements are supported in both traditional ‘balance forward' style, or in simple 'outstanding charges' style, the style being selectable for individual customers. Accounts with merged 'balance forward' lines maintain discrete individual transactions on account viewing, for audit ability, research, and payment allocation.
  • Separate 'close' dates are supported for invoice entry versus payment entry, allowing invoicing for a particular posting date to close while clerks responsible for processing payments for that date may continue to work.
  • Optional overdue messages can be generated to appear on statements, with text adjusted for the customer’s language and graded by overdue severity.
  • Promotional and sales messages can appear on statements, customized to the customer's language and targeted to reflect the proximity of the customer's location to the hotel.

Account Management Highlights

  • Ledger inquiry system, including ability to enter and review, for any account, an unlimited history of comments on account or collection activity, and the ability to set trace dates for follow up actions.
  • Support for parent-child relationships between accounts, optionally reflected in invoicing, statements, and/or trial balances and aging.
  • Credit limits can be established for individual customers, with appropriate warnings at posting.
  • Customer accounts can be closed to new postings, while maintaining a balance and accepting payments.
  • Powerful inquiry capabilities provide relevant up-to-date information. You can see a summary aging of any account, with payment, sales and payment history on one consolidated screen.
  • Multiple customer home currencies supported.
  • Multiple customer languages supported.
  • Support for high-inflation, low value local currency - complex reports adjust to sacrifice descriptive text to show full amounts.
  • Automatic write-offs for small balances, tracked in user-defined charge codes.
  • Support for non-calendar-month aging reports, for 13 period sites or fiscal periods that have different number of days to calendar months.
  • Aging and trial balances include two levels of subtotalling: individual account types, and account groups containing one or more account types.

Club System Highlights

  • Integrated membership, club system with flexibly configured automatic dues charging.
  • Support for automatic periodic charges, such as tenant rents.
  • Detailed reporting on club member performance, spending patterns, and account status.
  • Find out what facilities are used or not used by a club member.
  • Design the Club Member report to meet your requirements without the use of a programmer or software engineer.

Mailing System Highlights

  • Create separate mailing lists as required, quickly and easily.
  • Receivable accounts maybe included in mailings or not.
  • Mail merge is supported for both promotional and collection letters.
  • Powerful interface to Microsoft Word can be used to customize and automatically produce collection letters (dunning notices). The interface can also be used to produce personalized promotion letter or fliers.

General Highlights

  • Automatic assignment of overdue finance charges, with the option to exempt certain customers, or only apply to certain customer types.
  • Support for collection agency assignment and reporting.
  • Produce detailed problem account reports and lists of accounts that require follow-up.
  • Produce sales analysis reports and automatically rank accounts with respect to sales volume and payment frequency.
  • Produce detailed and summary trial balances.
  • Produce complete and accurate detailed and summary aging reports.
  • With more than 300 parameters, you may define the operational methodology desired for the operation.
  • The system is designed to operate on an international level.
  • Design your invoices and statements to meet company and local regulations.
  • Invoices and statements may be produced in different currencies.
  • Information (such as account details, balances, etc.) may be easily exported to any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant client (such as, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Crystal Report Writer, etc.)


Powerful search/lookup capabilities are incorporated into almost every function. You can easily find accounts without knowing the account number. Searches can be performed using the individual’s name, the company name, the outstanding balance, the account number, and so on. Payment codes, currency codes, language codes, etc. need not be memorized. A mouse click conveniently displays all relevant information.